Dress it up! Dress it down!


Designer Demy Lee moved to New York City from her native Korea when she was fifteen years old. Growing up with three older sisters and a mother whose style greatly influenced her, she arrived in New York and knew she was in the right place to indulge her love of fashion. She studied at Parsons School of Design and held design positions at Calvin Klein, Gap Inc., and later played a key role in launching Tory Burch’s first collection. With a successful career, Demy was thriving in the industry she loved, and soon found herself fulfilled in an entirely new way with the birth of her daughter. She realized the need to find a new way to focus her energy, and with this came the creation of her own collection. In creating her own line, Demy wanted to design what she appreciated most in her own closet, something she reached for just about every day – sweaters.

Called Demylee, the collection is focused solely on cashmere. Demy learned everything she could about cashmere, from the best climate for the goats it is shorn from, to how long each fiber should be, to the cleaning and processing of the yarn. What developed are sweaters that are knit from the most renowned yarn available. They are knit from Inner Mongolian goats which produce the finest cashmere fiber known, with each goat only producing four ounces of fiber per year. It is an ultra fine luxurious cashmere that is the foundation for all of her designs.

The warmth and softness of the yarn is just the beginning. Demy’s sweaters are designed in such a way that they are current, appealing to both the downtown girl as well as those who want something classic, but not boring. There are tunics, drop waist sweater dresses, empire waist sweater dresses, and several different cardigans including a shawl collar wrap. Each piece is designed with longevity in mind, pieces you can wear season after season, from a cold day in winter to a chilly summer evening; they are timeless. All of the silhouettes are functional and easy, and what Demy strived for most – wearable.